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HUBEI XINYUAN BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Was founded in 1970, by the state-owned enterprise restructuring in 1998 for co., LTD., in March 2010, restructured into co., LTD., June 11 in the day by successfully listed, is one of the largest comprehensive cangzhou chemical pharmaceutical enterprises. Company's total assets of 265 million yuan, fixed assets 200 million yuan, covers an area of 192763 square meters, construction area of 71577 square meters. Company existing staff 800 people, has a master graduate student degree in personnel nine people, college students 300 people, senior professional title 230 people, 80 people full-time quality control personnel. Company at the same time of high-speed development, has been to develop the new product research and development work. Has been successfully put into production of new drugs and domestic generic products are: balance salt rinses, xylitol and sodium chloride injection, compound propranolol caffeine tablets (drug), alpha keto acid, ferulic acid sodium, invert sugar for injection, creatine phosphate sodium for injection and compound electrolyte injection, etc. At present, the company has developed a new drug varieties, three generic drugs to more than 20, 16 in products, only 2012 new drugs to the enterprise to a year sales of 2012 yuan. The ongoing development of new varieties of 8, more than 20 generics. Liposome at present, the company actively seek to cancer, cardiovascular, tumors, metabolic diseases such as immunomodulatory drugs for the direction of the development, more dosage form development, vigorously develop the sterile ShuiZhenJi and sterile eye s. Combination ShuiZhenJi key product development apis, form a complete set of production from raw material to the preparation of industry chain, build variety, technology and brand advantages. Efforts to improve the technical levels of existing products, reduce cost, at the same time, which is based on the existing production facilities, in order to market demand as the guide, actively seeking a comparative advantage in the new product.
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